Join In

There are so many ways to get involved in community art, and many skills are needed in addition to just art talents.  Thousands of people have been involved in the creation of the works featured in this website, and everyone who has given input into a design, lifted a brush to paint a mural, or glued a tile into a mosaic is invested in community art.  Get involved and help to beautify neighborhoods, and build new community relationships!


If you or your organization is interested in helping fabricate a piece of public art, there are many ways to become involved.   Community paint events have been organized for all ages, from groups of children through senior organizations. Sometimes a mobile studio can be tranported to a local community center or activity room to allow for the best accessibility. Interested in helping create beautiful art, please contact us! 


Many of the projects that are created in our studio begin with a lead artist who is responsible for creating the design by listening to the input of the various people and organizations involved in the piece, and funneling it through your personal style.  If you have an art background and are interested in designing a piece of public art or would like to learn more about the mural making process, please contact us.

Property Owners 

We are always on the lookout for new sites to display public art.  From impressive large walls that face busy spaces to humble surfaces in less traveled areas; most any space has potential for the right project.  Dean Rohrbach, former Elm Street manager in West Reading, said it best, "We like our public art to be serendipitously discovered as residents and visitors wander around our neighborhoods."


Embarking on a mural tour or taking in a presentation about collaborative public art can provide a unique opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of the artistic process and the stories woven into each artwork. Beyond the studio, witnessing the murals on-site enhances comprehension of how they harmonize with their surroundings and contribute to the cultural tapestry of their community. Interested in a presentation or tour, please contact us!