The Journey - El Viaje

This mural is part of a series funded by SOS Berks, the Opioid Coalition for Berks County.  The project sought to dispel the stigma of addiction by sharing some inspiring recovery stories of local individuals.  This mural shares the story of Yvonne, who in her long-term recovery went on to direct the RISE Center, that supports those who struggle with addiction.  The mural was painted by hundreds of people through collaborative painting sessions, and also used stencils throughtout the creation process.  


1830 North 11th Street
Reading, PA 19604 USA

Project Support 


SOS Berks

Lead Artist:

Marian Anniefar Njai 

  Digital Design:

Gregory Didyoung 

Mural Coordinator:
  Michael L. Miller

Painting Partners

Project Completion 


About the Project

The goal of this project is to share individuals' recovery stories through collaborative public art.  Yvonne's long term recovery is grounded in her love of the outdoors and biking.  The fabrication of this mural took many forms.  The area with the portrait was painted on polyester interfacing.  The stylized landscape was painted directly on the wall, and the patterns were created through large handcut stencils. The extended time working on site was a great opportunity to connect with the community.