Mi Recuperación, Mi Familia -  My Recuperation, My Family

This mural is part of a series funded by SOS Berks, the Opiod Coalition for Berks County.  The project sought to dispel the stigma of addiction by sharing the inspiring recovery stories of local individuals.  This mural shares the story of Jose, who in his long-term recovery went on to create his own counseling agency for others who struggle with addiction.  The mural was painted by nearly a thousand people through many collaborative painting events hosted by various community organizations.  


830 Oley Street
Reading, PA 19604 USA

Project Support 

  SOS Berks

Lead Artist:  
  Leslie Alexandra Ramos 

Mural Coordinator:
  Michael L. Miller

Project Completion 


Painting Partners

View multiple images of the project's creation above.

About the Project

This mural is the first in a series of recovery-themed murals in the Reading area. The murals will expand on SOS Berks stigma reduction campaign theme “Addiction Doesn’t Define Anyone.”  The design process began with a conversation between the storyteller sharing their recovery story with the artist.  The murals are intended to provide hope for those struggling with substance use disorder, while also putting a human face on addiction in an effort to reduce stigma.

Located on a wall measuring about 1500 square feet, and adjacent to a popular Hispanic market, this mural was based on the recovery story of Jose Lugo, who recalled his life growing up in Puerto Rico, his struggles with substance use disorder, and the role his family and childhood memories played in helping him overcome those struggles. About a thousand volunteers learned about the SOS Berks Coalition, and helped to create this mural through community painting events held throughout the city. 

View multiple images of the project's creation above.