Rentschler Arboretum

Several members of the Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club have been long time mural enthusiasts.  This project brought their love of nature to youth of the Reading School District as the two groups came together to create this mural to welcome visitors to the Arboretum.   


                     Rentschler Arboretum                                                 200 Arboretum Rd, 

Bernville, PA 19506

Project Completion 


Project Support 

Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club

PA Council on the Arts

Mural Coordinator:
  Michael L. Miller

Painting Partners:

About the Project

Fifty Fifth-grade students from the Reading School District collaborated with the Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club to paint a mural on one of the club's buildings at Rentschler Arboretum near Bernville, PA. Guided by educators and experienced club members, the students not only shared their artistic talents but also learned about teamwork, the Appalachian Trail and environmental stewardship. This partnership has added a vibrant touch to the Arboretum, welcoming visitors to a place where art, education, and nature intersect.