Watershed Wheat-paste    at Berks Nature

The goal of this project is to create ephemeral works of art along trails that follow  Berks County waterways. The imagery is inspired by lifeforms found along the watershed, and was designed by local artists.  The screen printed posters are arranged to fit the space and reflect our complex web of nature.  This installation is on the Route 10 overpass, and had been a frequent site for vandalism. 


Berks Nature

(beneath the Route 10 underpass)

575 St. Bernardine St. 

Reading, PA 19607

Project Completion 


Project Support 

Project Coordinator:
  Michael L. Miller

Participating Artists:

Claire Barone

Gregory Didyoung

Amijae Shells 

Mia Guyton

Yenna Hill

Pam Roule

Anna Schweigart

Cary Shurtz

About the Project

The trails along the Tulpehocken Creek and Schuylkill River have often been the target of vandalism on the nearby highway underpasses.  Covering the vandalism with fresh coats of paint is the equivalent of handing someone a fresh sheet of paper, and asking for more of the same.   As an experiment on a less tagged wall near Berks Nature’s trails, Reading’s Public Works Department gave permission  to cover the vandalism with wheat pasted posters.  The posters are temporary, just held in place with flour and water, and feature imagery inspired by iconic wildlife found within the watershed.  Several local artists contributed art for the screen-printed posters, and the community was invited to help paste up the work.  About a hundred people of all ages helped with the task…from Berks’ Nature’s preschool students to a gathering of educators learning about innovating our education system.

View multiple images of the project's creation above.

Kristi Morris, Photography