Kandinsky Mosaic

Rovensky Alcin, a motivated young artist interested in learning more about public art and mosaics seemed to be the perfect fit for this classy abstract mosaic on Cherry Street.


Project Support


West Reading Community

Revitalization Foundation


Rovensky Alcin

Project completion


View multiple images of the project's creation above.

The small space beneath the new front porch of the Cherry Street residence was a good place for a mosaic. The mosaic was fabricated off-site then installed on the posts of the new porch.

The Russian artist Vassily Kandinsky was inspired to create his abstract works by listening the new sounds of jazz music at the turn of the 20th century. Rovensky created the mosaic out of many found shards of tile material. This is different than glass mosaics, where the tesserae are often cut in a more precise manner. Making a mosaic like this is like putting a puzzle together, except there are many solutions, not just one. Looking over the various tile shapes allow for improvisation, much like playing jazz.