Kimberton Whole Foods

Kimberton Whole Foods, nestled in the Knitting Mills Business Center, not only serves as a local grocery store but also stands adorned with captivating murals that tell the story of sustainable agriculture. 

810 Knitting Mills Way,
Wyomissing, PA 19610

Project Support


Kimberton Whole Foods

Lead Artist:

Meghan McClennan

Mural fabrication:

Total Experience Learning at Albright College
Public Art Studio

Project completion


About the Project

The colorful  murals at Kimberton Whole Foods can be found both inside and outside the store.  Inspired by the rich designs of Meghan McClennan, the murals were largely created by the Public Art Workshop college students at Albright College, who facilitated community painting workshops with the fifth-grade students from the Reading School District enrolled in the Total Experience Learning Academy as well as other collaborative painting events on campus. Their artistic efforts extended beyond the classroom, encompassing community painting events on Reading's Earth Day and on-site painting sessions at Kimberton Whole Foods, providing a collaborative canvas for community members of all ages. With numerous painting sessions welcoming volunteers, the resulting murals share Kimberton's goal in sharing the story of sustainable agriculture.