Barnes Mural

Inspired by the world-famous collection of art in Philadelphia, the Barnes Mural invited several local artists to create an original work of art in a traditional canvas format (instead of a large mural scale work).  Each artist was challenged to include cherries in their artwork (for Cherry St). The paintings were finished with a trompe l'oeil frame to create a gallery setting on the street.  

639 Court Street, 

West Reading, PA 19611

Project Support


West Reading Community 

Revitalization Foundation

Project Assistant:

Leonardo Powell

Featured Artists:

Michele Byrne

Rebecca Doubek

Leonardo Powell

Pam Roule

Christian Scott

Laura Scott Steiger

Kristin Woodward

Project completion


View multiple images of the project's creation above.

About the Project

The wall for this project is very close to the street, so as the design was forming, the usual idea of making one large image seemed a bit overwhelming.  At this point, there were already several murals on Cherry Street, so the idea to create outdoor salon of small paintings made sense within the gallery concept of Cherry Street.