Don't Just Dream, Make It Happen

This property in downtown Reading was a constant target of vandalism.  The Mentoring in the Arts Program pairs underserved youth in the neighborhood with local artists.  The results of this project brought the neighbors out to paint with the youth, and has kept vandalism off the premises. 

9th and Greenwich Streets, 

West Reading, PA 19611

Project Support


Olivet Boys and Girls Club of Reading and Berks County

Mentoring in the Arts Program

Mural design 

Beverly Leviner

Michael L. Miller

David Welty 

Project fabrication:

Mentoring in the Arts Program Youth and Staff

Project completion


View multiple images of the project's creation above.

About the Project

The MAP Program partners local artists with youth, and they meet weekly to plan and fabricate a collaboiraive public art project.  Don't Just Dream, Make it Happen included both two murals as well as a 50 foot mosaic.  Mike Grocery Store, the site of the project, had been the site continual vandalism, and the owner and neighbors had great hesitation as to the durability of the artwork. . During the sessions leading up to the installation, the students worked with Beverly Leviner to create some of the clay tiles used in the mosaics.  The installation took place over one weekend with the MAP students and staff working with about 50 community volunteers.  The naysayers were surprized as the murals were left untouched for over ten years.