Windows of Opportunity

This multi-dimensional mural features paper mosaic designs and symbols, and portraits of the members engaged in the activities and skills fostered by Mosaic House. Floating above the designs are written the positive outcomes of the Mosaic House community.


This building is not open to the general public.
Mosaic House

525 Franklin Street,

Reading, PA 19602

Project Support


Threshhold Rehabilitation Services

Project design:

Michael L. Miller

Project fabrication:

Mosaic House Members

Project completion


View multiple images of the project's creation above.

About Mosaic House

Mosaic House Clubhouse is an innovative psychosocial rehabilitation program for adults with mental illness. Mosaic House is designed to help members achieve vocational, educational and social goals.

The Windows of Opportunity project is a series of small works installed like a freize above the doors and displays of the main activity room of Mosaic House.