Van Gogh

As a mural was being installed down the street, the owner of the West Reading Drug Store approached and asked, "How do I get one of these things?" This conversation resulted in Viral Van Gogh.

639 Court Street,

West Reading, PA 19611

Project Support


West Reading Drug Store

West Reading Community

Revitalization Foundation

Mural design and fabrication:

Wyomissing Area HS Public Art Workshop,

Project completion


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About the Project

One of the goals of Public Art Workshop is to make an artwork be site specific, and students developed several possible designs for this mural, the two most popular being a West Reading version of Vincent Van Gogh's iconic Starry Night, and a microscopic view of viruses (connecting to the drug store). After talking with neighbors and friends, it was decided to combine these two ideas together into the final design. Surrounding the virus stars are layered stencil diagrams of dozens of popular pharmaceuticals. These designs were researched and created by students in a chemistry class at Wyomissing Area H.S.