Healing Hands

Greeting visitors as they arrive in the Reading Hospital's 5th Ave. Parking Garage near the main entrance, Healing Hands is one of the largest murals in Berks County to be  made using polyester interfacing.

Reading Hospital's 5th Ave. Parking Garage

427 Museum Road

West Reading, PA 19611

Project Support


The Reading Hospital 

Mural design and fabrication:

Wyomissing Area HS Public Art Workshop

Wyomissing Area Photography Students

Sacred Heart Church Seniors Group 

Project completion


View multiple images of the community painting sessions above.

About the Project

This project began through the wayfinding department of the hospital.  The hospital had recently moved the main entrance to 5th Ave., and the they wanted a mural on the ground level of the parking garage opposite the main entrance.  When people come to hospitals, they are distracted for many legitimate reasons, and the idea that art could help people orient themselves in this complicated space was a clever idea.  

The design of the mural began with photographs of hands expressing the idea of caring and healing. The project's fabrication was coordinated through the Public Art Workshop, and a seniors group from Sacred Heart Church was invited to class to paint along with the students. The students later helped to install the mural on site.

View multiple images of the installation sessions above.