Knowledge of Athena

Mural means wall, and walls are structures that can separate one place from another.  Instead of separating, painting murals can bring people together.  Two neighboring businesses on Penn Ave. came together for this project.  Edwards Business Systems had a prominent wall and was interested in a mural.  Their wall faced the back lot of Alison Clothing Company.  Alison Shannon, the owner and talented textile artist in her own right, became the lead artist on this project.  

639 Court Street, 

West Reading, PA 19611

Project Support


West Reading Community 

Revitalization Foundation

Edwards Business Systems

Alison Clothing Company

Lead Artist:

Alison Shannon

Mural design and fabrication:

Wyomissing Area HS Public Art Workshop

Project completion


View multiple images of the project's creation above.

About the Project

The design began when Alison had a discussion with the Public Art Workshop students about her business and the art of dying and printing on garments.  Alison is inspired by goddess figures, and the connection was made between the mural  location (Edwards Business Systems) and Athena being the goddess of knowledge (information).  The background of the mural was made with stencils of historic written alphabets, from cunieform to calligraphy and printed fonts, finishing with digital design.  The mural was stenciled and painted directly on the wall.