Maiden of the Stairs

Maiden of the Stairs is the first piece of public art most people see when they enter Dean's Way (Cherry St.) off 4th Ave. in West Reading.  This mosaic was created by students in Summer STEAM Academy at West Reading Elementary Center.  Local artist Beverly Leviner was lead artist on the project. 

639 Court Street, 

West Reading, PA 19611

Project Support


West Reading Community 

Revitalization Foundation

WR Volunteer Fire C. Beneficial Association

The L.O.V.E. Team

Wyomissing Area School District

Lead Artist 

Beverly Leviner

Studio Assistant

Leonardo Powell

Fabrication and Installation

Wyomissing Area Summer STEAM Academy 

Project completion


View multiple images of the project's creation above.

About the Project

The core group of students who created this project were enrolled in the Summer STEAM Academy at West Reading Elementary Center.  Beverly Leviner, a local ceramic artist, guided students through the process of rolling the clay tiles, glazing and finally installation of the finished tiles on site just a block from the school.