The title of this project is a German word that means "goodwill and friendship", and the creation of this project exemplified this idea as many folks came out from the community to help create this mural in Kutztown.


Young Ones Records
26 South Whiteoak Street, 

Kutztown, PA 19530

Project Support


Kutztown Community Partnership

Scheidt Painting

Lead Artist

Yenna Hill

Painting Partners:

Kutztown Area HS Art Students and Staff

Community Volunteers 

Project completion


About the Project

The lead artist on this project, Yenna Hill, is part of an established family in the Kutztown area, the Harings.   Inspiration came from the landscape surrounding Kutztown and Yenna's Grandfather, Alan Haring.  Over the course of this mural's creation, many family, friends and community members came out to help paint this mural.